3 Count: TalkTalking

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1: Digital Economy Bill ” It’s a Wash Up

First off today, after its passage in the House of Commons the Digital Economy Bill seems destined to become law but at least one UK ISP, TalkTalk, has said they will not comply with the bill. In a blog post, they announced that they will still require a court order before turning over any subscriber information and will not disconnect alleged file sharers, even going to court if needed. At this time the DEB does not provide for disconnection of accused file sharers but does pave the way for such rules in the near future. It remains to be seen what penalties the ISP may face for its non-compliance.

2: Labour and Conservative Parties Accused of Copyright Infringement

Next up today, even as the Digital Economy Bill and its fallout have been making headlines, the Labor and Conservative parties in the UK have found themselves in a copyright dispute of their own. Kudos, a poster production company, has ordered both parties to stop using campaign posters depicting David Cameron as DCI Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes. There is no word if Kudos is planning any legal action but the irony is not lost on the media in the UK.

3: Japanese Porn Companies Seek Copyright Laws

Finally today, Japanese porn companies have sought representation in Taiwan to help them obtain copyright protection for their work. Under Taiwanese law, Japanese pornography is considered obscene and does not qualify for copyright protection, a fact that the companies claim has cost them dearly.


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