Updating “Stopping Internet Plagiarism” Part 2

Updating "Stopping Internet Plagiarism" Part 2 Image

As I mentioned last week, the “Stopping Internet Plagiarism“, has been a cornerstone of the site since day one, explaining the ins and outs of fighting plagiarism and other misuse of your content, but it has also fallen into disrepair due to age and neglect.

Last week, I began the process of overhauling and repairing the damage. I fixed the main SIP page as well as the first three chapters. Today I’ve gone through and done the same for the last three, namely the Contacting the Host, When All Else Fails and The Long Haul pages.

In these chapters the changes were much more minor than in the first as there hasn’t been many significant changes in the law or technology in these areas. Instead, most of the changes were to the formatting, grammar and for clarification.

As with the first round, I wouldn’t call these updates a complete rewrite, most of the original text is still there, even more so in this case.

The changes included in this update are:

  1. Updated the Contacting the Host page to better integrate in the stock letters.
  2. Removed the section about “Causing a Ruckus” from the “If All Else Fails” as it is no longer a policy I agree with.
  3. Updated search engine statistics and links in the “If All Else Fails” page.
  4. Added information about Zoho Creator to the “The Long Haul” page.
  5. Edited for styling and added images to every page.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts of suggestions for this section as these pages are easily among the most popular on the site and I want to make sure they are some of the best Plagiarism Today has to offer.

Sometime soon, I plan on doing the same to the Your Copyrights Online section but I have no definite timetable now. I’ll post more information as I come up with a more firm plan.

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