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1: Google to Face Copyright Lawsuit By Visual Artists

First off today, Google will soon have to face yet another challenge over its book search offering. The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) as well as other visual artists are preparing to sue Google for the use of copyrighted images in the book search product. This comes after Google and the Author’s Guild have been working on a settlement in a similar lawsuit involving the text of the books that are included. That settlement is meeting with stiff opposition from competitors and the Justice Department alike.

2: Murdoch Tells Old Media to ‘Stand Up’ to Google, Bing

Next up today, Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the Wall Street Journal as well as many other papers across the globe, is trying to rally “old media” to make a stand against search engines, which he accuses of building a business on the back of their content without renumeration. He announced a plan to put all of his sites behind a paywall and hinted at plans to block Google and has done so with some of his papers already, though not the WSJ at this time.

3: Film Pirater Dies of Drug Overdose

Finally today, Gérémi Adam, a Montreal man who was the first Canadian to be jailed for pirating movies, died a week after his release due to a suspected overdose. According to his girlfriend, with whom he was living, Adam had become addicted to morphine while in prison and had used it since his release, possibly leading to his death. Adam served one week in prison on the piracy charge since, at the time of his sentencing, he was already in prison an unrelated charge.


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