3 Count: Dolce Vita

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1: Porn Dolce Vita Beats Fellini in Court

FIrst off today, a company claiming to be the copyright holder in the classic Federico Fellini film La Dolce Vita have lost their case against the makers of a gay porn film of the same name. The plaintiffs, International Media Films, had tried to claim that the film violated their copyright but the New York judge ruled that they could not provide enough evidence that they were the copyright holder of the work and that the film may be in the public domain.

2: Anti-Piracy Lawyers Vandalize Wikipedia Page

Next up today, lawyers from the U.S. Copyright Group, which recently began a mass lawsuit campaign against file sharers of movies, have been accused by Wikipedia editors and moderators of vandalizing entries about them. An IP address connected with the attorneys has been accused of deleting criticisms of the company and was scolded by other users for not following proper procedures at Wikipedia, especially regarding a potential conflict of interest.

3: Filipino Tycoon Quits Over Plagiarism Shown on Facebook

Finally today, Philippine businessman Manuel Pangilinan has stepped down as chairman of the board of trustees of Ateneo de Manila University after it was discovered that a speech he gave to students at the school had been plagiarized from many sources including Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and JK Rowling. Pangilinan said that, while he had some help in drafting the speech, he took responsibility for the errors and was embarrassed by the matter.


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