Video: Copyright Basics Webinar

This past Tuesday, March 30, 2010, I gave an hour-long webinar on copyright entitled “Copyright Basics for Creative Professionals, Media Companies and Content Archives”. The presentation was presented by Digimarc and ImageSpan and was presented to about 70 users.

The talk covers the following elements:

  • Who should copyright their work;
  • What a copyright protects;
  • Where do you register your copyright;
  • When you post your work online, the dangers you should be aware of;
  • Why you should follow good licensing practices; and
  • How you should respond to infringers

As you can see from the title and the topics, it is a fairly basic overview of copyright with a few interesting elements for a more web-savvy audience.

As a warning, there were some minor problems with the recording. First, you may have to turn up your volume as, for some reason, I was coming in fairly soft. Second, we did have to rush toward the end as there was a lot to get through and the presentation ran behind.

Still, for those who are interested in a quick overview of copyright law and how it applies on the Web, this might be a very good introductory course.

You can view the webinar in its entirety below or, if you wish to download it, you can get either the MP3 or the video file here.

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