3 Count: ISOHunted

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1: IsoHunt Told to Pull .torrent Files Offline, Likely to Close

First off today, the Bittorrent search engine ISOHunt may be forced to close as its legal battles against the MPAA have come to a head. The site has been ordered by a judge to remove all infringing torrent files from the service. ISOHunt had argued it was just another search engine, much like Google, but plaintiff attorneys showed evidence that the site had targeted infringing material for indexing. Since it would be almost impossible for ISOHunt to remove all infringing torrents from its index, it seems unlikely that the site will be able to comply with the injunction without closing its doors.

2: France: More Publishers Sue Google

Next up today, according to the New York Times, more publishers in France are preparing to sue Google over its book scanning project. This follows a similar suit by the publishing group La Martinière, which won in the lower court though the case is on appeal. According to the publishers, Google has continued scanning their books even after being asked to stop, paving the way for legal action.

3: Opposition Mounts to UK’s Digital Economy Bill

Finally today, opposition is mounting to the Digital Economy Bill in the UK even as the bill seems to be heading for a quick passage in Parliament. The controversial bill, which is due for its second reading in the House of Commons shortly, has had many of its most divisive elements removed, including an amendment that would have given ministers the right to alter copyright law without Parliament’s oversight, but others, including a provision to disconnect repeat file sharers, remains in the bill.


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