3 Count: P2P Dispute

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1: Beyonce’s Record Company Puts a Ring On Her YouTube Channel

First off today, Beyonce’s official YouTube channel suffered a blow as Sony, Beyonce’s label, ordered the removal of her video for “Put a Ring on It”. The takedown appears likely to have been in error though the video remained down all weekend. However, contrary to the article’s title, the majority of Beyonce’s channel appears to be unaffected, including other music videos, as it is just the one video that is down. Unfortunately though, it happens to be the most recent one.

2: Big Content: Stopping P2P Should be “Principal Focus” of IP Czar

Next up today, the day before the deadline, the RIAA, MPAA, Directors Guild, Screen Actors Guild, and other groups filed their recommendations to Victoria Espinel, the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator for the Obama administration at the request of her office. According to their filing, the “principle focus” of the new office should be to “turn the tide” against P2P file sharing. The relatively thin filing, only two pages, cites four studies, which are viewed as dubious the author of the article, and gives each industry a chance to report its own loses due to P2P file sharing.

3: Economists Urge Government to Stop War on Piracy

Finally today, even as the major content players in the U.S. were filing a petition for greater enforcement of P2P, two economists in Spain were publishing a report calling for eased restrictions on copyright and an end of the war on file sharing. According to the report, such a clampdown benefits major copyright holders “at the expense of users and lesser-known artists” and time would be better spent developing new business models. The report comes as Spain, which has legal non-commercial file sharing, is considering new legislation to clamp down on file sharing sites.


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