3 Count: Leaky Pipes

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1: ACTA Draft: No Internet for Copyright Scofflaws

First off today, a 56-page leaked document that appears to be a recent draft of the controversial (and secret) Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement has surfaced. The document claims that the U.S. is attempting to push for a regime that would required ISPs into “adopting and reasonably implementing a policy to address the unauthorized storage or transmission of materials”. This could include a “three strikes” system that disconnects alleged filed sharers. Though such a system is not mentioned by name, the document does make reference to disconnecting users under some circumstances. However, the leak has not been verified as authentic as of this writing.

2: Colleges Automate Process of Responding to Copyright-Violation Notifications

Next up today Audible Magic, the makers of the audio matching technology widely used by video sharing sites to filter infringing videos, has released a new product for schools and universities to help them automate the DMCA notices they receive. The process of receiving the notice, locating who was responsible for the infringement and sending out a notice can be very time-consuming, especially when dealing with hundreds of letters per month, though this product does not seem to be the first in this category, it is the best-known name to throw its hat in this ring.

3: Want to Use My Suit? Then Throw Me Something

Finally today, several famous Mardi Gras Indians, a traditional part of Mardi Gras festivities here in New Orleans, are seeking copyright protection over their outfits to help them stop those who use their pictures to sell calendars, postcards and other products. Their outfits, which can cost many thousands of dollars, are designed anew every year. However, they face a steep uphill battle over this infringement as fashion design does not typically enjoy copyright protection, which is why they are attempting to claim them to be sculptures and not functional items.


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