3 Count: Set Free

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1: Jury Clears Members of Notorious Music Piracy Group

First off today two members of the Scene release group “Rabid Neurosis” (RNS) were acquitted in a Texas courtroom yesterday. The two members were on trial for criminal copyright infringement and two other members who plead guilty testified against them. The group reportedly had contacts at various manufacturing plants and leaked albums before they were released on the Web, earning the attention of a year-long FBI investigation. No details yet on the reasoning behind the verdict or if the other members have been sentenced.

2: Bollywood and Hollywood unite to Fight Piracy

Next up today, movie studios in Hollywood and Bollywood are teaming up to combat DVD piracy in India. India is known as one of the top nations for DVD piracy and the issue has been an ongoing one for its native Bollywood studios as well as those from the U.S. The coalition hopes to petition the government for stronger enforcement of piracy laws and, including making piracy a non-bailable offence within the country.

3: Court: Widow Owns ‘King of the Road’ Copyright

Finally today, The widow of country music star Roger Miller has won a court battle and gained the rights to many of his greatest hits, including “King of the Road’. The judge also awarded her some $900,000 in royalties that she had not received. Miller, who died in 1992, died before the copyright renewal period on his songs recorded in 1964 and beyond, meaning that those rights transfer back to his estate. Sony, his label, still holds the renewal copyright in Miller’s songs from 1963 and earlier.


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