3 Count: Incredible Sulk

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1: The Battle Continues: Kirby Estate Sues Marvel Over Copyright Termination and Profits

First off today, the fight between Jack Kirby’s estate and Marvel Comics is heating up as the estate has filed a suit against Marvel Comics seeking termination of Marvel’s copyright as well as profits. Jack Kirby was the creator of many of Marvel’s best know characters including Iron Man, X-Men and the Incredible Hulk but his estate is attempting to revoke Marvel’s rights to those works and have them revert back to the estate, as allowed under current copyright law. However, Marvel is claiming that the works were made for hire and they are the sole copyright holders in the works. Kirby’s estate filed 45 notices of termination in 2009, paving the way for this fight.

2: Chinese Writers Body Urges Google to Keep Promise on Copyright Issue

Next up today, the Chinese Writers Association (CWA) is pressuring Google to make good on its settlement for scanning some 8,000 books written by its members. Google had agreed to “provide a satisfying solution to the issue” previously but now Google is preparing to withdraw from the Chinese market after a series of cyberattacks from within the country targeted the company, leaving this promise in limbo.

3: Wait, Pirates! That Cross Days Download is a Trap!

Finally today, people who pirated the adult Japanese game “Cross Days” were in for a nasty surprise as a trojan/virus was sent with many pirated versions of the game released on P2P networks. The trojan has the user fill out a lengthy survey, with a great deal of personal information (under the guise of a player survey, and then posts the information online. The information can only be removed, but only if the user admits to having downloaded the game illegally. Even sneakier, this entire process is explained in the installers, TOS, which few seem to have read.


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