3 Count: Dirty Laundry

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1: Viacom, Google Air Dirty Laundry in Court Docs

First off today, there really isn’t much need for a 3 Count as this is the story everyone is talking about, The statements of fact and motions for summary judgement in the Viacom v. Google case, which saw Viacom suing for $1 billion for allegedly infringing clips uploaded to YouTube, have been unsealed. Documents allege that YouTube executives uploaded infringing material themselves during the early days of the site and were aware of infringements but took no action, likewise they show that Viacom has uploaded clips stealthily to the service and can’t even show which clips are actually infringing in many cases. It’s an ugly mess that you just have to read for yourself. More to come on this one.

2: Judge: Site Must Delay Copying of Broker Reports

Next up today, a judge has ruled that a Web site for stock tips must delay releasing financial firms’ recommendations and picks until the firms have had time to tell their own clients. This means the site must wait either “30 minutes after the stock exchange opens, or wait for two hours if the reports are initially released while the market is open.” The judge rejected an argument by the site indicating that the tips were already public, having been picked up from other sources.

3: Your Life Will Some Day End; ACTA Will Live On

Finally today, we have a few quick updates about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which is being negotiated largely in secret among many of the Web’s key nations. First have another new leak, which shows the EU pressuring criminal penalties for infringements of a “commercial scale” and, more importantly that ACTA may be an attempt to establish a new trade group, similar to the WTO or WIPO but with much more limited membership.


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