3 Count: Bitstalked

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1: Judge Dismisses God of War Copyright Lawsuit Against Sony

First off today, screenwriters Jonathan Bissoon-Dath and Jennifer Dat have had their case against Sony, the publisher of the popular God of War video game franchise, tossed out after the judge found that there was no evidence of copying by Sony or the games developers from their works. The pair had sued claiming that the game bore a strong resemblance to their work but the judge found that the similarities were not extensive and there was no evidence that Sony even had access to their writing when making the game, dismissing the case without letting it head to a trial.

2: Researchers Aim To Reduce Copyright Infringement False Positives

Next up today, Polycipher, a group jointly owned by U.S. ISPs Comcast, Cox and Time Warner, has funded research into a product entitled BitStalker that it claims can actively monitor Bittorrent swarms and do so very cheaply while reducing the false positives that plague current detection systems. There is some doubt if the technique can work and Comcast has said that they are no longer involved with Polycipher or this research, but the news has caused a major stir among those interested in detecting and preventing detection of bittorrent-based piracy.

3: Oregon Candidate Pulls Look-Alike Logo

Finally today, Oregon state senate candidate Mark Delphine was forced to pull his logo from his Web site after it was discovered to have a very strong resemblance to the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team. According to Delphine, the logo was donated by a volunteer and he was unaware of the similarities until he began to get calls about it.


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