3 Count: Another Brick

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1: Pink Floyd, EMI Brawl Over iTunes Royalties

The band Pink Floyd and their record label, EMI are at odds over royalties earned from iTunes and other online music sites, The band’s contract, last updated in 1999, makes no mention of digital downloads and, according to the band, bars EMI from selling single tracks, only whole albums, thus prompting the band to take legal action.

2: Piracy Rises In France Despite Three Strikes Law

Next up today, three months after France has started its three-strikes regime to disconnect file sharers after two warnings, a new study has found that piracy has not abated, but has actually increased 3%. Though use of P2P file sharing technology has dropped, piracy methods not covered by the law, including digital locker services, have increased in popularity.

3: Mozilla Apologies Over Jetpack Mockup Design

Finally today, Mozilla, the makers of the popular Firefox browser, found themselves in some hot water after it was discovered that their new site for Jetpack Flightdeck, an upcoming API to make building extensions easier, plagiarized many elements from MetaLab, a Web site design firm that had provided a quote for designing the site. Mozilla has removed the site, calling the look an “early mockup” and apologized for the error.


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