3 Count: Dark Days

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1: US Top Court Sides with Publishers on $18M Deal

First off today, the Supreme Court has unanimously overturned an appeals court ruling throwing out a settlement between authors and newspapers,allowing the deal to go through. The sides struck an $18M settlement after authors sued claiming copyright infringement for the newspapers’ inclusion of their articles in various electronic databases without permission. The settlement was tossed because the Appeals court ruled the lower court had no jurisdiction over non-registered works, which the settlement covered, but the Supreme Court sharply disagreed.

2: Government Denies Wi-Fi Operators Copyright Exemption

Next up today, the three-strikes portion of the Digital Economy Bill in the UK is now even more controversial as the government has refused an exemption for public wifi providers, including libraries, cafes, etc. meaning the services can be shut down if too many instances of infringement are reported. Many fear this will result in fewer organizations offering such services.

3: Free Porn on ‘Tube Sites’ Puts a Big Dent in Industry

Finally today, the porn industry, after seeming invulnerable to the piracy and economic issues that have plagued other content creators, is now in a tailspin as well. Much of the blame is being placed on so-called “tube” sites, which are YouTube knockoffs for adult content, that often provide pirated content for free. This has resulted in thousands of takedown notices and even a few lawsuits being filed.


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