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1: iiNet in Hollywood’s Sights as Battle Resumes on Copyright Ruling

First off today, it seems that the iiNet case is far from over. The Australian Federation Against Content Theft (AFACT), which represents some 34 record and movie studios, is filing an appeal in its case against Australian ISP iiNet, which it lost in the lower court. AFACT accuses the ISP of enabling and encouraging copyright infringement though the lower court ruled the service was not liable. AFACT is focusing on its appeal on whether or not iiNet had authorized infringements on its service.

2: Copyright Abusers Get Three Warnings Before Termination

Next up, New Zealand has formally introduced its revision of the controversial Section 92a law, which will now create a “three strikes” regime in the country, making it so that that alleged file sharers will be disconnected after two warnings. There is not much new in the proposal considering it had been discussed beforehand but the bill does replace the first proposal, which was done away with after a swarm of protests called it draconian. While many believe the revised version to be an improvement, however, it seems to have done little to appease the earlier critics.

3: Microsoft Backs Down Over Online ‘Spy Guide’

Finally today, Microsoft has rescinded its DMCA takedown against an intenral “spy guide” that had been leaked to site Cryptome.org. The takedown notice had resulted in the controversial site being shut down after they refused a request from their host to delete the file. Microsoft said that, while they believe that the posting of the file is an infringement, they had no wish to shut down the entire domain and have asked for the work to be restored.


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