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1: World, Get Ready for the DMCA: ACTA’s Internet Chapter Leaks

First off today, Ars Technica reports on a new leak of the “Internet Enforcement” section of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which is a trade agreement being negotiated in secret by the U.S., EU, Australia, Canada and others. If the leak is authentic, the treaty aims to port United States’ DMCA to other countries including safe harbor provisions for hosts and, most controversially, anti-circumvention legislation that prevents the breaking of digital locks. The treaty however, is far from final and the leak has not been confirmed.

2: Thousands of authors opt out of Google Book Settlement

Next up, even as we await a written decision on whether the judge plans to approve the Google Book Search settlement, thousands of authors, including many big names or their estates, have already opted out. The list includes Rudyard Kipling, TH White, James Herriot, Nevil Shute and Roald Dahl among some 6,500 others that took the opportunity granted recently to opt out. The Google Book Search settlement, if approved, would allow Google to scan, display and sell copies of in-copyright but out-of-print books in exchange for a revenue sharing deal with the Author’s Guild and the publishers.

3: Luger’s Death at Olympics Leads to ‘Deplorable’ Copyright Claims by IOC

Finally today, the tragic death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili during a practice run before the opening ceremonies has also turned into a copyright dispute. The International Olympic Committee has been filing takedown notices against video clips of the accident despite potential fair use issues with the clip. The clip, predictably, became a very popular video on the Web shortly after the accident and remains a video of high interest today.


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