3 Count: Who Dat!

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1: BPI Condemns Copyright Cash Demands

First off today, the British Phonographic Industry, a trade group representing British labels, is distancing itself from the controversial law from ACS:Law, which is famous for obtaining limited rights to works in order to send out threatening letters to file shares and demand small cash settlements. This comes as British Parliament is looking at the behavior of the firm and some of the Lords are looking to pass laws to limit their ability engage in this practice.

2: NFL says it has exclusive rights to ‘Who Dat’

Next up today, with my hometown Saints heading to the Super Bowl, the NFL has begun to clamp down on what it considers trademark infringement of the famous rallying cry of Saints fans “Who Dat!”. The NFL has sent two cease and desist notices to t-shirt vendors printing shirts with the slogan and that has drawn the ire of many locals here considering that the phrase was, quite literally, invented by the fans. The ownership of the trademark is in dispute as at least two organizations have applied for the mark but either way this doesn’t seem likely to slow down the Who Dat Nation.

On a personal note, though I am a staunch supporter of intellectual property, including trademark, I think I speak for most of New Orleans when I politely ask the NFL to shut up.

3: The Saints Are Finally in the Super Bowl — Now Please Let Us Watch the Game in the Superdome

Finally today, in another bit of Saints news, there is a movement taking place to pressure the NFL into allowing the Super Bowl to be played on the big screens in the Superdome as well as Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Indianapolis Colts. The NFL currently bars all mass public showings of its games, including in movie theaters and churches, but many would like to see an exception for playing the game in the arenas of the two competing teams. Here’s one Saints fan hoping that the movement is successful.


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