3 Count: Can’t Hear You

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1: Verizon Terminating Copyright Infringers’ Internet Access

Verizon is becoming the first ISP in the U.S. to officially announce that they are terminating repeat copyright infringers in a “graduated response” or “three strikes” system. Verizon would not say how many were being terminated but that the number was small. The RIAA and MPAA have pushed for such a system for some time but have not been able to get any deals, at least not publicly.

2: Web Hosting Firms Fined $32 Million For Supporting Copyright Violation

Next up, Louis Vuitton won a $32 million judgement (not a fine) against two California-based Web hosts, Akanoc Solutions Inc. and Managed Solutions Group Inc.for their hosting of sites that sold counterfeit Louis Vitton products. Though the DMCA could have protected them from the copyright aspects of the claim, the plaintiffs were able to show the hosts had actual knowledge of the infringement and failed to act when they were notified.

3: Leading Websites Promise to Fend Off Piracy

Finally, a group of some 101 popular Chinese Web sites have signed a pack to fight piracy by “acquiring copyrights before release, not spreading non-licensed works” and “adopting necessary techniques to prevent users from uploading films and TV programs that are being publicly screened or broadcast.” Though it unclear if the pact will have any impact, China has been a well-known haven for piracy and has been repeatedly criticized for lackluster copyright enforcement.


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