Copyright 2.0 Show Moving to WordCast Network

Copyright 2.0 Show Moving to WordCast Network Image

Some of you may have already caught the announcement on the new WordCast Network site, but for those who didn’t, I want to announce that the Copyright 2.0 Show will be moving to it beginning next week.

This also makes the Copyright 2.0 Show part of the Bitwire Media Network, where it will be in the company of such great podcasts as Best of the Net, Aimless Agenda (which I am also on) and, of course, WordCast.

This means that there will be several changes coming to the Copyright 2.0 show in the next few weeks. All of them, hopefully, for the better.

  1. Different Recording Date: Traditionally we’ve recorded the show on Saturday. But now we will be recording the show on Wednesday at 6PM ET, 3PM PT. If you’re interested in catching it live, you can do so at the main WordCast network site.
  2. New Posting Date Here: Traditionally I’ve posted the show on Monday here but I may start posting it on Friday. This one is up in the air at this moment.
  3. No More Talkshoe: Though we had a good run with Talkshoe and really enjoyed their service. We’ll no longer be recording on Talkshoe or hosting MP3s there. The existing Talkshoe page will likely go down once the content is moved from it.

Everything else should stay the same. The podcast will still be myself and Patrick O’keefe (@ifroggy), it will be an hour-long podcast with the latest copyright news and views with a little bit of humor thrown in along the way.

If you enjoyed the podcast before, you will be getting the same show at a different time on a different network. That’s all.

On that note though, we will be skipping the recording this Saturday and shifting it to Wednesday at the new site. If all goes well, we should not miss a single beat.

Thank you all for your support of the podcast over the years and I’m looking forward to recording the next 100+ episodes!

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