My Worst-Kept Secret


Everyone knows that I do the Copyright 2.0 Show, a podcast with Patrick O’Keefe that deals with copyright news, as well as the daily 3 Count column, which shows the three “must know” copyright stories from the day before.

But what is less known, and what Patrick reminded me in the last podcast, is that I bookmark a LOT of links to make it happen. At least three stories a day, usually more. Over the years, that adds up to quite a lot of stories.

Fortunately, since early 2008, I’ve been using Diigo to save my links and generate the show notes for my podcasts. On that front, Diigo has been a real life saver. I struggled with bookmarks/show notes before Diigo but have not thought about leaving since I found them.

That has resulted in quite a link library. Almost 2,500 coyright-related links, all of which have been tagged for easy locating.

What this means is that, if you’re interested in researching recent copyright history, my bookmarks may be able to help you out. Want an overview of the whole psystar case, look up the Psystar tag. You can do similar searches with The Pirate Bay, Jammie Thomas and other big copyright sagas. Also, if the story was mentioned on any of the past 80 episodes of the Copyright 2.0 Show, you can find out which episode and go back and listen to it.

Bear in mind that my tags are not perfect and that Diigo has a fairly limited tagging system (no spaces are allowed) so there will be hiccups and inconsistencies. However, if you need help you can either get in touch with me or, use a custom Google search to find the link you want. Just type the following into Google. : plagiarismtoday SEARCHTERM

It should produce a list of links and shows that are relevant.

So, feel free to bookmark my bookmark collection or, even better, if you are a Diigo user, follow me there and friend me. It’s a great way to suggest links for either the 3 Count or the podcast.

Thank you very much for following and I hope you find this useful!

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