Limited Posting Through October

Pumpkin Head
Creative Commons License photo credit: Svenstorm

Regular readers of this site are probably very familiar with this drill but I’m going to be on semi-hiatus for the duration of the month. I’ll likely only be doing a few updates per week and will also not be doing any additional podcasts for the rest of the month.

The reason is simple, it’s October and every year I run a charity-oriented haunted house in New Orleans. It’s a small affair, taking place in our garage, but is a major build, especially in the weeks before opening.

This year things are even more stressful than usual as I’ve recently started a new position and have to maintain those duties while working on the haunt.

So if posting is a little bit slow for the next few weeks, please forgive me. I’ll return to a more normal posting schedule in November after Halloween.

On days where posting isn’t possible, I’ll try to highlight some of the older posts on the site for new readers and also maintain the 3 Count column to keep everyone abreast on the latest in copyright news.

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