3 Count: Frayed Knot

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1: Coldplay, Satriani Copyright Lawsuit Dropped

First off today, in something of a surprise move, guitarist Joe Satriani has dropped his lawsuit against the band Coldplay. Satriani had claimed that the band’s song “Viva La Vida” lifted elements from his 2004 song “If I Could Fly” and sued the band accordingly.

However, now the two have reached a sealed agreement. Coldplay admits to no wrongdoing though there is some indication that the two may have come to a financial settlement. Coldplay sharply denied the allegations and had vowed to fight the lawsuit.

Satriani wasn’t the only musician who accused Coldplay of plagiarism in the song, Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, also accused the band of ripping off his music and said he considered a suit but abandoned the idea.

2: French ‘Pass’ Piracy Legislation

Next up today, the lower house of the French assembly has passed a new version of the country’s “three strikes” regulation that will ban repeat copyright infringers and impose heavy fines and penalties on those who illegally download music and movies.

A commission made up of 14 legislators must now agree on a final version of the bill before it is presented to President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been one of the bill’s strongest supporters.

This bill would replace the one passed earlier, which was ruled unconstitutional as the three strikes judgments were not handed down by the judiciary.

3: The Fray Songwriters Sue Manager

Finally today, two members for the band The Fray, who are the songwriters, are suing one of their managers over a 2005 contract that they claim gave them control over portions of the band’s copyright by means of “fraud” and are seeking restoration of their full rights.

The lawsuit, filed in Denver, says the management company claimed they would get a one-time fee but instead received partial control over the band’s music.

More on this lawsuit to come.


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