3 Count: Repo Man

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1: Pirate Bay Buyer Has Car and Motorcycle Repossessed

First off today, if you were holding out any hope of The Pirate Bay sale going through, I think it’s safe to say that things are looking a bit more bleak this morning. Hans Pandeya, the CEO of Global Gaming Factory X, which plans to buy The Pirate Bay some time this month, had both his car and motorcycle repossessed by tax authorities for failure to pay approximately $110,000 in owed taxes.

A tow truck showed up at his house and took both the car and the bike away. Another board member is also suing Pandeya for an estimated $840,000 that he claims is owed to him.

Despite this, Pandeya is still working to come up with approximately $7 million in funding to purchase The Pirate Bay and over $10 million to purchase technology company Peerialism, which would provide the tools to make the legitimate version of the site practical. However, all of this seems highly unlikely given the current financial situation at the company.

2: American Federation of Musicians Demand NDP Apology For Supporting Balanced Copyright

Next up today, Canada’s New Democratic Party has found itself at the center of a bizarre copyright-related tiff with the American Federation of Musicians. Several members of the NPD were passing out fliers opposing Canada’s bill C-61, which would strengthen copyright protections in the country and impose more DMCA-like restrictions on circumvention, at a town hall meeting in Toronto. They were escorted away by security, which was controversial in and of itself, but the fallout continues as AFM has demanded an apology from the party over the content of the flier.

Representatives of the NPD have already responded and said that “It ain’t happening” but the fallout on the Web has been widespread. In the end, it was a poor move for the AFM as it seems to have drawn more attention to the actions of the NPD members involved and to their arguments against the law.

3: Dozens of Copyright Groups Petition Against File-Sharing

Finally today, 36 rights groups, represending over 1,700 different copyright holders, have banded together to launch a new campaign in Norway entitled “Share ” Not Steal” and is hoping to circulate a petition to force the government in that country to take stronger action against illegal file sharing and clarify their position.

According to the petition, some in Norway proposing the “legalization of software piracy” by looking at systems that pay copyright holders via taxes or other means while allowing file sharing to continue.


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