Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 121


Did you miss us? It is Monday again and that means that it is time for another episode of the Copyright 2.0 Show.

We’re back from a 2-week hiatus as Patrick returns from his vacation and I from a two-week stint of not editing podcasts. We missed a lot of news while we were gone but we do our best to catch everyone up by bringing you the tops stories from the three weeks past and get a few laughs along the way.

All in all, there were eleven stories this time around including news from all over the copyright world including our “Weird Story of the Week”.

This week’s stories include:

  • Tenenbaum Loses… big
  • AP Looks to Protect Their Content
  • College Student Arrested for Hacking Video Game Consoles
  • Dance Video Leads to a YouTube Payday
  • Oprah and the $1.2 Trillion Lawsuit
  • And Many more…

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Show Notes

About the Hosts

Jonathan Bailey


Jonathan Bailey (@plagiarismtoday) is the Webmaster and author of Plagiarism Today (Hint: You’re there now) and works as a copyright and plagiarism consultant. Though not an attorney, he has resolved over 700 cases of plagiarism involving his own work and has helped countless others protect their work and develop strategies for making their content work as hard as possible toward their goals.

Patrick O’Keefe


Patrick O’Keefe (@iFroggy) is the owner of the iFroggy Network, a network of websites covering various interests. He’s the author of the book “Managing Online Forums,” a practical guide to managing online communities and social spaces. He maintains a blog about online community management at and a personal blog at