Heading to WordCamp Dallas


Hello everyone. I apologize in advance for the lack of updates today as there won’t be a 3 Count column or the usual PT update. I am currently scrambling like a madman to finish all of my preparations for WordCamp Dallas. I’m heading up this evening and will be gone through Monday afternoon so there won’t be any formal updates between now and then.

However, there are several ways you can follow along and get updates while I’m gone.

  1. You can follow me on my Twitter account as I’ll be posting updates from the road the entire time I’m gone.
  2. GeekBrief.TV will be livestreaming the entire event so you’ll likely be able to catch at least some of my presentation that way. I am currently scheduled for 2:30 PM CT (3:30 PM ET) on Saturday.
  3. I’ll be updating this post closer in with the actual slides from my talk so you can download them and even follow along.

Also, due to the scheduling difficulties, Patrick O’Keefe and I will be doing a special edition of the Copyright 2.0 Show at 10:30 AM CT (11:30 AM CT) today. Feel free to join us via Talkshoe for the live recording. However, the show most likely will not be posted until Tuesday so be prepared for a delay in getting it online.

On that note, thank you very much for your patience and I look forward to seeing many of you at WordCamp Dallas in a few days!

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