Speaking at OIVAC


I’ve been keeping a pretty tame conference schedule this hear after the whirlwind that was last year’s. However, I am starting to work on a few appearances and am proud to announce my first one of 2009, at the Online International Virtual Assistants Conference (OIVAC).

OIVAC is an online conference, meaning that no travel is necessary, and I will be speaking at 4 PM EDT on May 15. My talk is entitled “Dealing with Plagiarism: A Realistic Guide to Fighting Content Theft” and is a broad overview of how to protect, track and stop misuse of your work on the Web.

I actually gave a similar talk at the OIVAC last year but this one will be heavily updated to reflect new technologies and techniques. Last year’s talk went extremely well, with some great questions, so I am very happy to be coming back.

Registration for the event ranges depending on the number of seminars you wish to attend. One seminar costs $25 while a 3-day pass to all of the events costs $350.

If you are a VA, this conference is a must-attend (even if you don’t go to my talk). If you’re not but might be interested in seeing my presentation, feel free to register and pop on in. Honestly, most veteran PT readers probably know most of what is in the presentation already but, if you’re new to the site, it might double as a good introduction.

I will also post a link to the presentation and a recording of it when it goes live after the conference.

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