Your Turn: DMCA Agent Survey


I’m announcing the beginning of a long-term project today. My goal is to send out a short survey to as many DMCA agents as possible (my target number is 100 for the first round) to get their feedback on best practices when submitting a notice as well as how DMCA notices are handled.

The survey will be anonymous, I will not be using the information to evaluate any single host’s practices, but instead will be gathering broad data about the types of practices that are most common and are preferred.

I am seeking input from others about the types of questions I should ask in this survey. I wish to keep it short, underneath 2 minutes or so for them to take, but I want to make sure I hit the topics that everyone is interested in.

Here’s a list of the topics I’m currently looking at:

  1. Methods by which a DMCA notice can be filed
  2. The parties that review a DMCA notice
  3. How closely the DMCA procedures are followed
  4. How the takedown is acheived
  5. Privacy issues involving personal information in the notice
  6. Time frame for resolution
  7. Prevalence of counter-notices

If anyone has any additional thoughts, suggestions or ideas for this survey, please let me know. I am in the process of compiling it. I will likely post a link to a draft on my Twitter account later this week and begin the process of mailing the agents to invite them toward the end of the week.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully we will have the results sometime later this month or early May.

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