FairShare Enters Public Beta


Attributor’s individual-targeted FairShare service, previously covered here, has announced today that the service is now open to the public, no beta keys are required.

They’ve also announced a new, formal collaboration with the Creative Commons organization that includes integrating FairShare with CC’s licensing scheme and a co-branded version of the service.

In addition to opening the service up to the public, Attributor also made several fixes and improvements, including the following:

  • Added a chart to the summary feed that shows day-by-day matches.
  • The ability to change your Creative Commons License at any time without creating a new feed.
  • Improved advertising detection by adding more advertising networks and services.
  • Fixed 24 other miscellaneous bugs and issues that some users have had with the service.

Attributor is also currently gauging interest in a FairShare for photos and videos as a possibility for a future service. However, there is nothing concrete in that area yet. If you are interested in such a service, please make your voice heard on the FairShare Get Satisfaction page.

Obviously this is great news for users of the FairShare service and, if you’re not already user and you operate a blog or otherwise have your content in an RSS feed, you probably want to at least give it a try. It’s free to use and can help track your content across over 35 billion Web pages, including those that don’t have RSS feeds.

It is also exciting to see that a company, which targets corporate clients with its main business offering, work so tirelessly on a free, individual-targeted project, especially one that integrates so closely with Creative Commons and is focused on finding new business models and systems for a sharing Internet.

If you’re interested in reading more about the update, you can read Attributor’s full press release and blog post on the topic. If you’re not a FairShare user, you can now sign up without a beta key at fairshare.cc.

Disclosure: I have consulted for Attributor.

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