Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 94

idol-logo2It is Monday again and that means that it is time for another episode of the Copyright 2.0 Show.

It was a busy week for copyright new with the politicians, not the lawyers, taking the lead. Some rumblings about copyright reform both in the U.S. and the UK have everyone’s attention. However, not to be outdone, YouTube makes a splash this week with a series of silent vids and MGA, Prince and Web Sheriff all make it back in the news.

All in all, there were twelve stories this week including news from all over the copyright world including our “Weird Story of the Week”.

This week’s stories include:

  • UK Legislation Raises Privacy Concerns
  • Dems Lay Out Copyright Plans in the U.S.
  • YouTube Videos Go Silent
  • Prince Loses Plagiarism Lawsuit
  • Stripper Idol Draws a Lawsuit
  • And Many more…

You can download the MP3 file here (direct download). Those interested in subscribing to the show can do so via this feed.

Show Notes

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