Two New Places to Find Me

blogics-logoI’ve been very busy since the beginning of the year and am now proud to announce two new places that you can receive information and help from myself including both a new blog to find my writing on and a new place to obtain my consulting services, but at a bundled rate.


First, I am proud to announce a new partnership with bLogics, a consulting service aimed at bloggers to help them build their sites and grow online. Owned by SplashPress Media, which also owns The Blog Herald and Perofmancing (two other sites I currently contribute to), bLogics assists bloggers in a variety of areas including hosting, design, content generation and social media.

At bLogics, I will be bringing my expertise to their new Copyright Managements services, which specifically have two functions.

  1. Content Tracking: First I’m providing a service where I search the Web for your site’s content, locate the highest-ranking sites using your content and then providing a report that breaks down the kinds of sites they are, what format the use takes (attributed, partial, etc.) and what the recommended course of action is. This is not an all-inclusive report, but rather, a highlight reel of the most important cases to examine. It is designed to maximize the effectiveness of any enforcement you wish to take while minimizing the time spent.
  2. Cessation: Second, I am offering assistance in stopping infringers, namely by using takedown requests to remove unwanted copies. This includes tracking, locating the correct information, sending the notice and follow up. This service can be used in conjunction with the first service, but both can be used separately.

These services are identical to ones I’ve offered on my Consulting Services page for years (the first being a part of the “Content Strategy Development”) but with bLogics the advantage is that they can be bundled with other, related services that are beyond my scope.

It is worth noting that the content tracking services are NOT designed to replace automatic plagiarism detection tools, but rather, provide a layer of human analysis over them. For those that wish to know about every copy and stop every case, these services are likely not a good fit and I will gladly recommend a variety of tools that can give you full control. It is more aimed at those that want to reduce the time they spend on such issues while still obtaining the maximum benefit or simply want a second opinion to add to their own information.

Blogging Tips

blogging-tips-logoToday also marks the day I begin a new weekly column at Blogging Tips. The column, which will appear on Thursdays, is going to focus on WordPress and blogging-related tips for protecting, licensing and tracking your content, though it may also delve into other tips I’ve learned over the years.

These columns will focus less on legal issues and more on technology and tools that can assist in handling content-related issues in a bid to be more practical and “ground level” than some of the discussions on this site.

The first column, scheduled to be posted later today, deals with Google Alerts and how to use it to track your feed.


It is always exciting for me when I get to reach new audiences and help new people so today is a great day for me.

I want to say thank you to all of my clients, both current and past, that have helped make it so that I have been able to work on Plagiarism Today full time for the past year and a half without including any advertising on the site. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity and, because of it, I’ve been able to help many people at no cost.

Also, thank you all dear readers for your support, without you this site would not be possible.

I’m looking forward to a very exciting 2009.

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