How to Connect with PlagiarismToday Readers

Since today is going to be a short day for myself and much of my audience, instead of doing a normal post, I wanted to, very quickly, highlight some of the places off of the site that PT readers have been meeting and getting to know one another.

My hope is that, by doing this, I can encourage the readers of this site to work together and forge connections, making this site an even more valuable resource for everyone involved.

To do that, here are just some of the places you can find fellow PT readers.

Facebook Blog Network

Facebook users get the chance to meet other PT readers on the PlagiarismToday Facebook page. Though not heavily promoted, save a small badge at the bottom of the sidebar, it is already a place you can find other Facebook members interested in content theft issues.

Google Friend Connect

Similar to Facebook, late last week I’ve added Google Friend Connect to the site. I definitely encourage anyone who is interested to add themselves to the list and say hello to the other members that have signed up. Since the form is new, only a few members have registered but I hope that this will encourage more to add themselves.


Beginning with the last episode, we have moved the podcast over to Talkshoe and will begin doing our recordings there. We encourage everyone to listen in, participate in the chat and even call in if so inclined. I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Though not a group in and of itself, I’ve been maintaining a very active presence on Twitter over the past year and certainly would welcome anyone that wishes to follow and participate.


Though not the critical part of the site it was over a year ago, PlagiarismToday’s MyBlogLog page has a strong following. Take a look at that old thumbnail!

Personal Blog

Finally, I don’t mention it enough but I do also keep a personal blog at If you like the writing on PT but wish it was about other things, meaning almost anything else, go ahead and stop by.


I just want to say thank you to all of you for your readership and your support of this site. You have made it possible for this site to be as successful as it is and, through your feedback and encouragement, you’ve made this site stronger than ever and blessed me with opportunities that, just a few years ago, I did not dream possible.

Thank you.

With that being said, I am off for the rest of the week. I will be forward posting the linkroll for Saturday and will be recording the Copyright 20 Show Sunday (come join us live) and post it Monday. After that, I plan on doing the usual year-ending posts and then I will see you in 2009!

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