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New Page and Navigation ImageI wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I’ve made a series of potentially confusing changes to the site, namely with the static pages located at the top, just below the logo.

There are specifically three changes worth noting:

  1. New Page Order: I’ve gone through all of the pages and reordered them, basically moving “Press” and “Contact” to the end of the line. This groups the related pages, “DMCA Contacts“, “Stock Letters” and “Stopping Internet Plagiarism” together in the list. Hopefully this will make the list overall easier to navigate, though it might be confusing to those used to the old layout.
  2. New “Other Sites” Page: I’ve added a brand new page under the “About” heading that links to all of the other pages and sites that host content related to this site including the other blogs, microblogs and social networks. It was an attempt to unify all of the different “announcement” posts I’ve made over the past few years.
  3. Removed “Host Report”: The Host Report page had not been updated in far too long so I have unpublished it for right now. I plan on reintroducing it soon as something completely different but that project is likely a months off.

It is important to note that, other than the Host Report, everything is still there. I’m sorry for the shuffle but I wanted to make things easier on new readers and may make more adjustments based upon feedback I get.

Thank you for your feedback and your understanding, please keep the suggestions coming!

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