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facebook-logo.jpgThough I may be way too late with this to be either trendy or cool, I set up my Facebook profile over the weekend.

I’ve been working to reconnect with both old friends and current colleagues. If you’ve emailed me over the past few years, there’s a decent chance that I’ve already sent out a friend request.

However, I am eager to hear from those I might have missed as well as anyone who has not contacted me but is interested in connecting with me.

In that interest, I’ve also created a blog page for Plagiarism Today.

I am admittedly unsure what long-term use I will have for Facebook in regards to this site. My hope is that it will be a new way for me to communicate with others, meet new people who might be interested in the site and help those in need.

On that note, I’m looking for any advice or suggestions to help make this possible. Please bear in mind that I am still very new to Facebook so, quite literally, no suggestion is too basic.

Thank you in advance for all of your help and I look forward to seeing you online!

My Personal Page
Plagiarism Today’s Blog Page

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