SXSW Panel Opportunity

sxsw-panel-logo-1.jpgMy good friend and long-time reader of this site Patrick O’Keefe has suggested a panel for SXSW 2009 in Austin, TX (scheduled for March 13-17, 2009). The panel, entitled “Content Theft and Copyright Infringement on Your Online Community” will go into detail about how to deal with copyright and plagiarism issues in communities and forums.

I am looking forward to attending the event this year and am very excited about this panel. Not only do I think it is a great topic needing more discussion, especially as social media becomes a bigger part of the Web, but I am also a planned speaker for it.

So, if you’re coming to SXSW and would like to see me speak or just want to see additional discussion on this issue, please take a moment to vote for the panel.

Click Here to Vote For This Panel

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