Plagiarism Today on FriendFeed

FriendFeed LogoTypically, I am one of the last people to join any new service. However, back in May I set up a FriendFeed account quietly and added some of my feeds to it as well as following a few people I was interested in.

I’ve been using Twitter fairly consistently but am starting to shift away from it some due to the recent outages and feature restrictions.

So I’m making my FriendFeed account known publicly so people who are interested can follow me there.

Currently, my FriendFeed follows my current presences, with more likely coming soon.

  • Diigo (links and bookmarks)
  • Twitter (Also, Jaiku and Pownce)
  • Shared Items in Google Reader (rarely used)
  • Flickr (rarely used)
  • Here

Regardless, if anyone wishes to add me to FriendFeed, now is the chance. I can not promise how active I will be on there, it will likely vary wildly from day to day, but I will try and see how it goes.

Look forward to seeing you online!

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