Weekend Linkroll 07-08-08

Virgin Media LogoFirst off, my apologies for the late linkroll this week, this post was supposed to go up Saturday, as usual, but did not for some reason. So I have changed the date to today and am putting it up now.

With that being said, last week was a very busy week for copyright news. The YouTube/Viacom took a strange turn as Google will be forced to surrender the full logs of all YouTube users. Also, some Bittorrent users fail to show up in court and lose in a big way and an attempt to expand the DMCA to coupons falls flat.

Remember, as usual, this week’s linkroll is a “raw” link list. Some stories are duplicated, some do not point to their original sources and some may not be accurate. A great deal of refining goes into producing the show notes for the Copyright 2.0 Show.

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