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Most PopularNote: Since I will be gone most of this week to the International Plagiarism Conference and unable to post new material, I’m doing a short series highlight past posts from the various sites I write for. This post is the third and final post in that series.

One of the lesser-used features on the home page of the site is the “Most Popular” articles box. It contains a list of the current top five articles based upon a weighted system accounting for comments, trackbacks and visitors.

The current number one story, Artists Express Concern Over PhotoBucket has remained in the top slot since the new feature was added. The reason, 77 comments and a steady stream of traffic from the deviantArt crowd and from various art forums.

Clearly it still resonates with the artist communities.

Another one of the more popular stories is Why Your Copyright Protection is Second Rate, which makes some unfortunate distinctions between the U.S. and other nations when it comes to copyright law.

Finally, one of the articles is no longer true. Why I Embed My Images, though true when I wrote the article has not been the case for some time. Though I still strongly believe in the strategy and am actively seeking a good image host, speed issues forced me to pull back and use my own server, at least for the time being.

Expect more on that story later.

All in all, it is a great feature that regularly updates. However, I might do a clearing of the cache to allow other stories the chance to get some front page exposure.


Thank you all for your patience during this rather slow week. I hope you enjoyed this look back and I’m very excited about creating new favorite articles in the weeks and months to come.

Please feel free to leave your feedback and thoughts on these as well as any other stories here on Plagiarism Today.

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