Video: Let’s Talk Copyright

Inquisitr LogoDuncan Riley, in an entry on The Inquisitr, posted a screencast and video opinion piece dealing with RSS scraping and republishing and why it is not acceptable.

The screencast is nothing short of brilliant and, in just under 20 minutes, manages to express what I have been trying to say in several articles on this site.

Perhaps the greatest indication of how effective the screencast is that Robert Scoble, formerly one of the staunchest supporters of RSS republishing, has said via FriendFeed that the video convinced him that he was wrong.

Also, Plagiarism Today does make an appearance in the screencast, at about the 12 minute mark, with reference to the Why RSS Scraping is Not OK column.

The video is embedded below so please enjoy. My thanks goes to Duncan for the effort he put into the video. I can imagine many bloggers will use this video as a tool to convince spam bloggers and other services that, perhaps, they don’t have the legal right to republish whatever they find in an RSS feed.

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