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Performancing LogoToday, I wanted to take a moment and highlight a resource that is available to readers of this site to get free, quick help with individual cases of content theft and plagiarism.

The Performancing Legal Issues Forum is a place to ask questions about a variety of legal issues that impact bloggers including copyright, trademark, privacy, libel, etc.

However, the most commonly used service is the research and strategy-development on individual cases of content theft. On the forum, that is a completely free service, no matter how long it takes to research the case.

As usual, nothing on the forum should be taken as legal advice but it is a great place to ask questions, get quick answers and look through previous answers as well.

I moderate the forums and try to answer all questions within 24 hours and there are at least a couple of attorneys who also stop by and offer their insight from time to time.

It is a great resource that I am proud to be a part of that has not seen a lot of use in recent weeks. So I wanted to remind everyone of its availability.

I’ll see you at the forums if there is anything that I can do.

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