Weekend Linkroll – 05-24-08

Weekend Linkroll - 05-24-08 ImageIt was another crazy week for copyright news where telling the “hard” news from the “bizarre” news is extremely difficult at best. We have the Web Sheriff and an army of B-list musicians declaring war on The Pirate Bay, Hannah Montana Candy, a funeral for DRM and much more.

This wasn’t to say that this week was devoid of big developments. RedLasso gets hit with a big cease and desist, Mininova faces a lawsuit, a major new trade agreement on the horizon, Canada’s DMCA may move forward and linking to movies leads to a big fine.

Remember, as usual, this week’s linkroll is a “raw” link list. Some stories are duplicated, some do not point to their original sources and some may not be accurate. A great deal of refining goes into producing the show notes for the Copyright 2.0 Show.

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