Blogger CAPTCHA Cracked

Google’s Blogger service, already one of the largest sources of spam blogs on the Web, is now being innundated with another wave of spammers following the cracking of the Google CAPTCHA system. This means that spammers can now fully automate the process of creating and setting up new Blogger spam blogs, making the process even faster and enabling the creation of more spam blogs than ever before.

Though these spam blogs will take many different approaches, inevitably, many of these spam blogs will use scraping as a means to fill their pages and appear more authentic to both Google the search engine and Google the host administrator.

Bloggers, especially those that frequently have spam-friendly keywords in their sites, should be aware of the likelihood of increased scraping on the Blogger service. Now would be an excellent time for sites that offer email subscriptions to check for any accounts and everyone to consider taking feed protection steps such as installing Antileech, creating a feed header/footer or using a digital fingerprint.

Sadly though it recently seemed as if Google was on the offensive against spam, it now appears as if the tables have turned.

While the new spam wave is still ramping up, now is the best chance for bloggers to be aware of the issue and be prepared to take action as needed. Hopefully, Google will fix this issue soon and the impact of the problem will be limited.

If not, then Blogspot could easily become even more of a spam wasteland than before, making it even more difficult for legitimate bloggers to get noticed on the service and for Webmasters everywhere to keep their content out of spammer’s hands.

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