Housekeeping: New Hosting

Housekeeping: New Hosting ImageMy apologies to anyone who had trouble loading the site over the weekend or had a comment delayed for a day or two. Over the weekend I moved Plagiarism Today to a new host. The process should be complete now and most of you should be seeing the new server, a few, however, may have to wait another 24 hours for it to fully propagate.

To test, look at the footer of the site and see if you seeing the following message :This is the NEW HOST

If you see that, you are being pointed to the new server.

This is actually just a stop-gap measure. Latency issues and storage problems on the old host were causing frequent outages and Google was actively throttling down the amount of traffic it send and how often it crawled the site. The new server should be much faster but it is only a stepping stone so I can move to something more permanent in a few weeks or months.

I have some good friends I am seeking to host with but I needed to buy some time to make that happen. This should do that job nicely and the process of making this move should make future ones MUCH easier.

Please let me know what you think about the new server, if the site is loading faster/slower for you and if you have any issues. I took the opportunity to also do a good amount of house cleaning and removed some plugins that may have been dragging the site down.

Thank you very much for your patience and for your help with this!

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