Weekend Linkroll 04-05-08

Torrent.is LogoIt has been a busy week for copyright news with dueling decisions on the RIAA’s “making available” claim and a possible shift in focus for their future lawsuits.

Also on the radar is a series of net neutrality related news items with ISPs standing up to major copyright holders that try to disconnect their customers.

There was also a big defection from Google as their CIO headed to EMI to help establish a new business model and, in other leadership news, Joi Ito takes the reigns at Creative Commons.

Finally, in the strange news of the week, Perez Hilton is unveiling a new litigation tactic and Superman, despite all of his super powers, will have a new “father” very shortly.

Remember, as usual, this week’s linkroll is a “raw” link list. Some stories are duplicated, some do not point to their original sources and some may not be accurate. A great deal of refining goes into producing the show notes for the Copyright 2.0 Show.

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