Changes to Plagiarism Today

It’s been a somewhat slow week here and I’m sorry for that, personal issues have kept me away during my usual writing time in the mornings. However, today I took some time to make some much-needed tweaks to the site, many of which were recommended by my friend Lorelle from Lorelle on WordPress.

A short list of changes include:

  • Added comment count to all “Read More” links on the home page.
  • Re-Added MyBlogLog on all pages save the home page.
  • Re-Added my Twitter to all pages.
  • Added arrows to items in the top bar that produce a drop down.
  • Removed the full category list (was not being widely used).

The result should be a much cleaner and easier to use site. The Twitter and MBL additions are on a trial basis only though, so if you use those services, add me and let me know so I’ll keep them around this time.

Please let me know what you think about these changes and feel free to make any suggestions you have. More tweaks will probably be coming in the next few weeks.

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