Update: PhotoBucket Responds

After several emails directly to PhotoBucket and a call to their parent company Fox Interactive, I have received a reply to my previous story about artists expressing concern over PhotoBucket’s practices.

At issue, specifically, is PhotoBucket allowing users to print the photos of strangers, including photos that were uploaded illegally, and the lack of a take down stay down system on the service.

PhotoBucket, through their PR agent responded by saying the following:

“Photobucket is committed to protecting and empowering content owners and creators. The site offers features that give users the ability to set private and public settings for their photos and videos. The company also strictly adheres to government DMCA guidelines to protect copyrights through the prompt removal of infringing material and action against repeat offenders.”

It seems unlikely that the response will do much to quell the concerns of the signatories of the petition, which is now over 5500 signatures, or address the issues raised.

I will report more on this as I get more responses and feedback.

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