Video: How to Use Google Alerts

Google AlertsI have created a brief screencast demonstrating the use of Google Alerts in detecting content theft and plagiarism.

The screencast goes over all of the basics including choosing a term to search for, creating the alert, what you receive in the alert emails and how to manage the alerts that you’ve created. It also gives something of a sneak peek behind my Google Alerts strategy showing you the number of alerts I’ve created and the amount of potential plagiarism that I receive regarding my work.

It also showcases some of my bad habits including not appropriately tagging my emails or filing them away. Something I need to be better about.

Still, the screencast makes a point about the effectiveness and usefulness of Google Alerts for tracking your work as it is copied across the Web. It has also been my most-requested screencast.

So, if you can forgive a few rough edges, you will find the video embedded below and it runs about eight minutes. I look forward to your thoughts and feedback on it. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.