Update: PhotoBucket Petition Takes Off

deviantART logoI wanted to provide a very brief update on the article regarding PhotoBucket that went online yesterday.

As of right now, the petition has gartered nearly 900 signatures and is growing at a very rapid pace. This is due almost exclusively to a huge push from the art community itself, specifically the efforts by several well-known deviantART member including lone-mono, budgie and dozens of others.

I have to say that I have been thoroughly overwhelmed by the response and I want to thank everyone that has posted the petition and the original article on their site. Without your help in getting the work out, this would not have been possible.

Right now my plan is to allow the petition to collect more signatures. Once it reaches over a thousand signatories, I plan to present it formally to the PhotoBucket staff. I will resubmit every time the petition crosses another 500 signatures until we receive a response.

I want to stress that there is a need for both unity and civility at this point. Though emotions understandably run high with this issue, cooler heads prevail in these types of disputes. I want to encourage everyone to give PhotoBucket a chance to address these issues and to not take any unilateral action that could hurt the cause. The next steps are being being planned already and everyone will be involved.

RATF logoFinally, to all of the deviantART members who are new to this site, I would encourage you to take a look at the Ripped Art Task Force. They are a great deviantART group that deals with the issue of art infringement in a strong, professional manner.

They are a highly recommended resource for deviantART members.

Again, thank you all for your support and please, continue to help get the word out there. As the saying goes, this battle has just begun!

Update 1 PM CT: We are now one of the top ten most active petitions on PetitionOnline.com. See Image Below:

www.PetitionOnline.com - Free Online Petition Hosting - Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 2 (Build 2007121014)

Update 4 PM CT: Rather than send the petition end at the tail end of a work day, I will send it in first thin the morning. I will post updates here and to the other entry after it has been sent off.

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