Google Image Search Now Indexing Blogger

Though it doesn’t make much sense, Google Image Search had not been indexing images on its Google’s own Blogspot service until earlier this month.

Though this is good news in that it will improve the effectiveness of image search techniques, such as the digital fingerprint method I described on the Blog Herald, it could also mean an increase in image spam blogging on the Blogspot service.

Simply put, since image searches have increased in popularity but remain less competitive than text ones, some spammers have seized upon it as a way to improve the effectiveness of existing spam operations by adding images to the text in hopes that they get picked up.

However, Blogspot spam has remained relatively void of such images, largely because it wasn’t being indexed. However, that will likely start to change now.

Though this is great news overall, every silver lining has a cloud. Photographers should use this tool to their advantage but also be more on guard because of it.

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