More Updates to Stopping Internet Plagiarism

In continuing the work that I began last week on the Stopping Internet Plagiarism section of the site, I’ve updated two more chapters of the work, Contacting the Plagiarist and Contacting the Host.

In both cases the updates were relatively minor in nature but both chapters required some work to bring them back up to code.

The contacting the plagiarist section received a new subsection about when not to attempt such contact, with information about spam blogs and social networking sites.

The Contacting the Host page received some HTML reformatting and was edited to mention notice and takedown laws in other countries as well as streamline the process for dealing with U.S. hosts.

In addition to those changes, I’ve embedded the previous “Finding the Host” video into the Finding the Host page so those new to the site will find it easily.

If you have any questions about these updates or see any other possibilities for improvement, please let me know!

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