Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 29 – Usenet Sued

With every day that passes by it feels as if I inch closer to Saturday teh 27th and the opening of our haunted house this year. Things are going smoothly but time to write here has been fairly short. However, it is still Monday and I still was able to make a little time to sit down with Chris from to discuss the week’s copyright news in our usual sarcastic manner.

All totaled, the show had fifteen stories, including the following:

  • YouTube Releases Fingerprinting Technology
  • Radiohead Can’t Stop Piracy, Even When the Work is Free
  • The Record Labels Sue Usenet
  • Perez Hilton is in Hot Water Again
  • Law Firm Thinks “View Source” is Illegal
  • And Many more…

You can download the MP3 file here. Those interested in subscribing to the show can do so via this feed.

Also, while you’re at it, consider taking a look at the new Numly Web Site that Chris ambushed me with at the beginning of the show. Feel free to send him your thoughts on it as well. .

Still Pretty Show Notes

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